inedible futures


The Italian landscape is constantly exposed to natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods and landslides.

Every year, a huge amount of post-disaster waste is abandoned and left unprocessed, obstructing the local reconstruction and the regeneration of places that have been hard hit. Unfortunately, the national government reacts in line with the most profitable interests instead of those of the hit communities.

Inedible Futures is a provocative critique of current post-disaster waste management in Italy. An unconventional ‘pasta’ factory has been developed to process all the rubble and debris and transform it into giant pasta forms. Debris, vanishing identity of places and communities,  is currently clogging and preventing re-habitation and regeneration from taking place.

These giant inedible pasta forms made of the debris are meant as a wider social critique, aimed to highlight that the Italian authorities are able to process huge amount of materials, as they do with pasta, if it is not the victim of disorganisation and widespread corruption.



Copyright Valentina Coraglia